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flying dress photoshoot Dubai


Price List

Checkout our price list , so your dream comes true with Gaga Photographer

Golden Star

Solo / Couple Shoot Package:
Flying Dress : AED 1230 (USD 335)

  • ​Solo/couple Photoshoot

  • 1 flying dress for session of your color choice

  • 3 hours Photo Experience 

  • All original digital pictures

  • 10 Digital edited pictures

  • Downloadable link for all high-resolution photos

  • Pick and Drop transport included

Additional charges for Couple photoshoot AED 145(USD 40)

Silver Star
Golden Star

Ladies Duo Flying Dress Shoot Package:

AED 1750 (USD 475)

Group Shoot AED 1102 (USD 300) per person 

  • Duo ( 2 Ladies) Photoshoot

  • 2 flying dresses for session of your choice

  • 1 hour Photo Experience 

  • All original digital pictures

  • 15 Digital edited pictures

  • Downloadable link for all high-resolution photos

Add on: Transportation pick and drop is optional and can be added for AED 350 (USD 100)

  • ​​1 Flying Dress for session Per Woman

  • This package includes individual photos as well as group photos.

  • All original digital pictures per woman

  • 10 Digital edited pictures per woman

  • Downloadable link for all high-resolution photos

  • Transportation both ways per group (pickup and drop off )

Pink Cream

Other services ( optional)

  • Chauffeur Service - Hotel Pick and drop off AED 367 (USD 100)

  • Make up Service AED 500 ( USD 136) 

  • Makeup & Hair Service  AED 600 (USD 164)

  • Private Camel with transportation + handler  AED 1080 (USD 320)

  • Additional Edited picture per unit AED AED 60 (USD 17)

  • Man Desert Arabic attire + Bisht  rental AED 250 ( USD 68)

  • Kid ( 08 to 17 year old) Flying Dress rental AED 295 (USD 80)

  • Additional Flying Dress rental AED AED 295 (USD 80)

  • Additional Person without outfit : AED 250 (USD 68)

  • Short Film/Reel with music AED 1100 (USD 300)

Welcome to our Flying Dress experience in Dubai, where fantasy becomes reality! Explore our enchanting Price List to embark on a journey like no other. Our packages are thoughtfully designed to cater to your desires, ensuring an unforgettable adventure through the skies. Choose from our range of options, each crafted to suit different preferences and occasions. Whether you're looking for a romantic escapade, a mesmerizing photoshoot, or a unique way to celebrate a special event, we have the perfect package for you. Our transparent Price List outlines the costs associated with each package, reflecting our commitment to providing a seamless and delightful experience from the moment you book. Elevate your Dubai visit to new heights with the magic of our Flying Dress, and let the skyline be your canvas for cherished memories. Book your slot today and get ready to spread your wings in style!

Soar to New Heights with Flying Dress Dubai

Experience Dubai like never before with our extraordinary Flying Dress adventure. Imagine gliding through the skies, draped in elegance and innovation. Our state-of-the-art Flying Dress technology brings your dreams to life, offering a unique fusion of fashion and flight. Feel the wind in your hair and admire Dubai's iconic skyline from a breathtaking perspective. Our expert instructors ensure your safety and comfort, making this a must-try experience for thrill-seekers and dreamers alike.

Capture Memories with a Flying Dress Photoshoot in Dubai

Transform your Dubai visit into an enchanting memory with our captivating Flying Dress photoshoot. Picture yourself suspended amidst the clouds, the city's landmarks forming an awe-inspiring backdrop. Our Flying Dress adds a touch of magic to your photos, making every frame a masterpiece. Our talented photographers specialize in capturing your essence and the surreal surroundings, resulting in images that tell a story beyond words. Elevate your Instagram feed, surprise a loved one, or simply indulge in the luxury of a Flying Dress photoshoot.

Elevate Your Photoshoot Experience with Flying Dress Dubai

Take your Dubai photoshoot to new heights – literally! Our Flying Dress experience offers a unique opportunity to infuse glamour and adventure into your photography session. Whether it's a solo shoot, a couple's rendezvous, or a group celebration, the Flying Dress adds an element of elegance that's second to none. As you gracefully soar through the sky, our skilled photographers ensure every moment is captured in its full splendor. With Dubai's magnificent skyline as your backdrop, your photos will be a testament to your daring spirit and the beauty of the moment.

Unleash Your Imagination with Flying Dress Photo Shoot in Dubai

Ignite your imagination and capture the essence of your Dubai visit with a Flying Dress photo shoot. Whether you're commemorating a special occasion, celebrating a milestone, or simply embracing your adventurous side, our Flying Dress experience offers an unmatched opportunity. Your photos will radiate a sense of freedom, grace, and wonder, as you embody the spirit of flight against Dubai's urban panorama. Let your dreams take flight and create visuals that resonate with your heart's desires – book your Flying Dress photo shoot today!

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